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About Us

Our Mission

After successfully preparing and submitting applications for thousands of Clients over more than 25 years we realised that a large number of people were not able to benefit from professional assistance.

We decided to share the knowledge and experience that we have gained over the years to improve the chances of success for those who want to prepare their own applications.

The costs of applying for UK Visas and British Citizenship have risen far quicker than wages. Many people (and especially those with a family) can barely afford the Home Office fees, let alone pay the high fees charged by experienced immigration lawyers.

There are also people who can afford the fees but feel that they have sufficient understanding to prepare their own application. Our UK Visa Guides and Online UK Visa Consultancy services can clear up any doubts or overcome issues that you are not sure about.

The Immigration Guides Service

Each guide contains the information required to help you correctly prepare and submit your application with confidence.

This starts by providing an overview of the documents required for the application. Detailed advice is given regarding each type of document, format, wording, etc.  The guides are based on current immigration rules and the application of over 25 years of experience in successfully preparing and submitting these applications.

The guide goes on to cover where and how to apply, form completion and submission, booking and attending a biometrics appointment and more, along with guidance for including family members.

Every application is different and no guide can possibly cover every possible situation, therefore we have included in the guide a free 20-minute online consultation (worth £50) to answer any questions that you might still have. 

Start Your Application Here

Browse through our UK Visa Guides and find the application you wish to make. If you do not see your application category yet then let us know and we will try to prioritise producing a guide for you.