UK Visa Guides Going Live!

DIY UK Visa Guides – Going Live!

After a long time working on this project we are very pleased to announce that we are now in a position to start offering this service, starting with our Live Chat Online UK Visa Consultancy service.

This service puts you in touch with a UK Immigration Lawyer with over 25 years of specialist experience in UK immigration and nationality law. You can ask any questions you have, including topics such as ‘can you check my form’, what documents do I need for my application’, ‘my application has been refused – what should I do’, ‘when do I qualify for Indefinite Leave to Remain’… any questions you may have about UK visa and nationality applications can be answered and you get a transcript at the end of the chat so you can refer back to the advice and guidance provided.

We are working hard on our guides and these will be published soon. If you have an urgent need for guidance then either use the Live Chat Consultancy service or get in touch with us using our contact form and let us know what guide you are waiting for.

Full details about membership and guides will be published soon!

We are excited to start offering this service and believe that it will make a significant difference to those who cannot afford traditional full representation for their application and want a ‘DIY’ or ‘Do It Yourself’ guide so that they can correctly prepare and submit their application with the benefit of professional expertise but without the associated costs.